Trading ETFs across multiple markets is a fast way to earn money.

Trading ETFs across multiple markets is a fast way to earn money.

I recently ran across an ETF trend trading review about a system or program who's founder goes by the name "Big A". I love trading ETFs and I heard about this particular trading course so I was interested to read it. If you haven't looked at trading ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds then this may be eye opening for you.

What exactly is an exchange-traded fund (ETF)? "Exchange-traded" refers to shares that trade most of the day on the major stock market exchanges (just like regular stocks). The "Funds" simply means investing vehicles that hold hundreds, or even thousands of companies under one roof. But they are also unified by a particular investing theme. Similar to stocks ETFs can be optioned, shorted, hedged, and bundled.

Like traditional index funds, ETFs are best used as a long-term investment tool.

ETFs offer some practical flexibility you might find useful especially if you're not a full time trader. Similar to that of regular stocks, they can be bought or sold anytime the market is open via your brokerage account. (Traditional index funds, on the other hand, can only be redeemed at the closing price of each day.)

For stock market investors with a limited capital to invest (under a $800) but motivated to get started in the stock market, ETFs offer a cheap entry point. Through your discount brokerage account, you can easily buy one single measly share if you want. In comparison, many index mutual funds have high initial balance requirements.

ETF Trend Trading

What I personally love about trading ETFs is that there simple to purchase. Meaning you don't need your stock broker at all. Just sign up to a discount brokerage account and that's it (and that's easy to get -- and you can get it cheap). Consequently, they're easy to trade. And trade and trade and trade.

 One of the hidden secrets to profiting from this popular and ever growing investment vehicle is using a sound ETF Trend trading system you can trust.

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